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Blair Street Vaults

Blair Street Vaults
Nearest Train Station: Edinburgh (0.2ml)
Nearest Motorway Junction: M8 J1


The Blair Street vaults are part of Edinburgh's South Bridge, completed in 1788. The vaulted rooms were built in the foundations to accommodate local tradesmen and businesses in a new area away from the already busy streets.

After a period of time it was decided to abandon the vaults due to them being unsafe as a fault in the design let in water. They were all sealed off, apart from a few which were used as air raid shelters in the second world war. Some say that the fault was down to a bad omen from the time the bridge was opened.

When the bridge was complete, it was agreed that a ceremonial procession should take place and the first person across would have a great honour bestowed on them. An influential and rich elderly lady was chosen, however a few days before the procession was due to take place she sadly passed away.

The committee decided to honour the lady by arranging for her coffin to proceed first across the bridge. This was seen as a bad omen by the superstitious people of Edinburgh, seeing as the first person would be dead and proclaimed that the bridge would be cursed!


It was only in the 1990's that the vaults were rediscovered, tidied up and made available for public access once again. Over the past decade many strange occurrences have been reported and indeed continue today. People visiting the vaults have had heard mysterious footsteps, smells of alcohol, being prodded and pulled, breathing sounds and a fearful apprehension.

There have been many different sightings witnessed by the general public, staff and other paranormal investigation groups. The most notable is that of a faceless man that gives off an evil presence, wearing a blue coat, tricorn hat and knee length boots. This faceless entity wanders around most of the vaults and has been seen many times.

Other apparitions include a tall woman dressed in black, children and even a bird which flies overhead


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