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Boom time for Dorset ghostbusters
Ghostbusters are staging a Hallowe'en extravaganza with a series of spooky events over five days.

The Weymouth-based Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT) has picked the locations to form the shape of a pentagram a five pointed star with supernatural connotations to boost any paranormal activity.

They will be taking equipment with them into the sites overnight in Weymouth, Abbotsbury, Lulworth and Dorchester to track any spectral signs.

Assistant case manager Trudy Jordan said: "We will be holding the Hallowe'en extravaganza over six days.

"We will start at the Ilchester Arms at Abbotsbury, and will also be at the Old Tea House in Dorchester, the Kingswood in Weymouth and the Lulworth Inn at Lulworth Cove. We still have a couple of locations to verify but will be back at the Ilchester Arms for October 31."

The PIT team were officially founded in 2008 but had been running unofficially for several years beforehand.

They will be taking equipment to the locations, including digital voice recorders.

They investigate supernatural phenomena at public and private premises but stress that they do seek to get to bottom of a mystery and look for rational explanations rather than jumping to supernatural conclusions.

Lisa Cleal, one of the PIT founders, said: "A few team members are believers but we have sceptics on board as well. We look at natural causes and if we think something is due to natural causes we will say so."

The PIT team held a paranormal investigation earlier this year when one of its findings was a voice saying 'Charlie' and doors opening on their own.

They go into public and private locations and can be called in to help people with hauntings and ghostly behaviour.

Lisa said that the group carried out 'clearings' when there is unwanted supernatural activity.

The team's kit includes a night vision camera and a KII meter, which detects changes in energy and electromagnetic fields.
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