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March 25, 2008

Well, what a brilliant night at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham at the weekend.  I'd last been there a couple of years ago and it was nice to see a few new areas open from the last time I was there.  Spiritually there were a few things that happened, a transfiguration episode with a 'gentleman' jailer there.  He wasn't a nice character at all and the team that I were with at the time were (rightly so) a little wary of him/me.

The most interesting place for me was in the cave are next to the chapel and sheriff's dungeon.  It was literally complete blackness once the torches were out.  You simply can't imagine what the prisoners went through if they were left in here for days, nevermind any longer period.  You would have gone insane I am sure. 

The journey home was 'fun' too!  It decided to snow quite heavily and in their wisdom, the roads weren't actually gritted until that morning which simply left one lane open on the motorway.  Why they didn't grit the road during the earlier hours is beyond me, but hey, that's far too simple!

Looking forward to my next visit to the Galleries of Justice.

Andrew Marsay - Director


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